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2010-06-26 01:31:38 by DeadDemonDude

Its something not many people think about, but families are the targets of everything, be it advertising, politics, or even churches. Im a church going man myself, and i can tell you from experience, some churches dont even care about people without families. But worse still are those families whose homes are broken as it is. My family is one of those said homes, and no i dont mean just the house being broke, although there are foundation problems, but i mean the family is messed up, like in Roseanne.

My mom recently had a breakdown. The first one since her mom died, that was a little over a decade ago. Well everything just came out of the waterworks, like someone just pulled the rag stopping the hole. My mom isnt happy with her relationship with my stepdad, she isnt happy bout her job, her back pain is worse than its ever been in her life, she hates the way she needs to rely on me more and more as time progresses. I had an hour long talk with her about all of it, and ive come to the conclusion, i will never send any of my parents to a retirement home, i love them too much.

So what i want you people to take away from my experiences today is this: Dont take your family for granted, let them know how much you love them, for it may be the last chance you ever get to say it to them.

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2010-06-26 01:42:47

I hate my family.