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Posted by DeadDemonDude - June 26th, 2010

Its something not many people think about, but families are the targets of everything, be it advertising, politics, or even churches. Im a church going man myself, and i can tell you from experience, some churches dont even care about people without families. But worse still are those families whose homes are broken as it is. My family is one of those said homes, and no i dont mean just the house being broke, although there are foundation problems, but i mean the family is messed up, like in Roseanne.

My mom recently had a breakdown. The first one since her mom died, that was a little over a decade ago. Well everything just came out of the waterworks, like someone just pulled the rag stopping the hole. My mom isnt happy with her relationship with my stepdad, she isnt happy bout her job, her back pain is worse than its ever been in her life, she hates the way she needs to rely on me more and more as time progresses. I had an hour long talk with her about all of it, and ive come to the conclusion, i will never send any of my parents to a retirement home, i love them too much.

So what i want you people to take away from my experiences today is this: Dont take your family for granted, let them know how much you love them, for it may be the last chance you ever get to say it to them.

Rush News:
~Ikusa has a background now.

Posted by DeadDemonDude - June 22nd, 2010

Ok I just finished the first "un"official teaser picture for Ikusa, from now on anything with a small IKUSA in the corner is an "un"official or Official picture! YAY!!!

Heres the "un"official picture!!!!!

Rush News to iPIMP employees:

Currently working on a Main Menu Pic for Ikusa~Wartorn

Posted by DeadDemonDude - June 21st, 2010

So earlier today (or yesterday) I restored my facebook. Yip Yip Hooray.... I dont really care for the shiz but my family is on it so, it's the best way to communicate without yelling. If you dont know me, there isnt a day in my life where someone in my family isnt yelling at another family member. But I must continue to try to keep my mouth shut, but that is a bit on the difficult side because im very opinionated and hate being told that i dont know what im talking about when IM the one who experienced the event in the first place..... *screams* ahhh its a difficult life. But there are some things in this life that help, let me list them.

-My friends
-My Cat
_WoW (yes im shocked too)
-Video Games

Then there are things that don't help at all, Here ill list them as well
-My Family
-My Past
-Different Situations that my close friends know about

Even though the list for the bad is much smaller than the good, is because Ive shortened it. If i wrote it all out id be here two days from now writing this same post. I half to find joy in being inside all the time away from people, because i have no vehicle and my friends cant hang out often cause society has them by the throat. But at least it helps fufill my philosophy, If I make someone else happier< then Its worth it, Even if I end up the most Miserable person in the world.

Good News: More Icons are set up in Ikusa
Bad News: Fathers Day was very depressing

Rush News:
~Rockband 3 is gonna be amazing
~Metal Gear Rising is gonna be amazing
~Ikusa~Wartorn is gonna be amazing
~Metroid: Other M is gonna be amazing
~Fallout : New Vegas is gonna be amazing

Posted by DeadDemonDude - June 20th, 2010

NOTE: The following is a Rant/ Complaint/ Yayness

In Accordance to Leoshi's "much beloved" Ikusa posts, I have to make one of my own, because i literally have worked on Ikusa like its a full-time job. To put it simply... Ikusa is like a male cat.... And its sticking its barbed thing in my rear. There is so much script editing i do, its ridiculous, i have to look for hours for a single line in a script i need to edit, then i spend the next few hours making sure i did the right line, if not its back to square one. Hell even the other day i meant to take a day off, and i ended up working on Ikusa for 5 hours. *Sigh* Moving on....

Good News! I have made an iPIMPĀ© logo. Also I have made the Ikusa logo, and the Wartorn logo! and i have more icons set up for use in Ikusa.

Bad News! Everyone from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, EA, Apple, Atari, Commodore, Boston Market, Ohio, and most of Mars may sue us for copyright infringement.

Rush News!
-There is no Rush News
-Still no Rush News
-Nope still none
-Not happening fella
-Want some Rush News?
-I totally did not rip this off of Leoshi's posts
-The cake is a lie, the pie is misunderstood, and the cookies and from the Dark Side

Posted by DeadDemonDude - June 16th, 2010

The tears fall increasingly as the clock moves forward, away from the familiar past it goes, into the future, the future holding uncertainties, and pain that will seem to last an eternity, until the clock moves forward, tick tock tick tock, now that uncertain future is the familiar past, now the tears fall. tears themselves are a product of time. Time is our close friend, yet mortal enemy

I know the paragraph above doesn't make much sense, unless you have had a close conversation with me on a daily basis. As one of my best friends says, Life is composed of three rings, Society, Family, and Personal. But as for this Man, Family, is Personal, I only have two conflicting rings, Personal and Society. And like him, I believe in the "Personal" ring more. Heres my reasoning, The "Personal" ring holds the memories that will last past your death. Walk an old lady across the street as Society wants? She'll forget. Save the company you work for from a lawsuit? They'll forget. My other best friend helped me figure out that, whether she knows it or not. She helped bring out the uncorrupted Matthew. "Society" corrupts people, and my friends and I take a stand against that, even if its just for ourselves. Thank you, both of you.